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Hi Folks!

My name is IÑIGO and I'm a POSTCARDS' COLLECTOR from Pamplona (Navarra) in north SPAIN, and I'm ADDICT to POSTCARDS.

I've been collecting postcards since I was very young and now I think I have one of the most beautiful postcards collections in the world. ;-))) Ha Ha Ha. You see... I'm very proud of it.
I uploaded here my main collections so everybody can enjoy watching it.

If you want to TRADE postcards with me, email me:


I prefer single views, horizontal and new/mint postcards. But I can accept other kind if they interest me or like SPECIAL TRADES.

In order of preference, I am LOOKING FOR:

①.-National Parks (NP): Looking also for Nature Reserves, Natural Parks, State Parks, State Reserves, Marine Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries...
②.-Castles: Looking for postcards of all kind of Castles, Forts & Fortresses, Palaces, Towers, Gates, Aqueducts and City Walls.
③.-Rare Countries: I am looking for viewcards from Africa, Oceania, Asia, Central & South America. Looking for postcards of places in the Pindak List.
④.-Unesco Tentative List: (proposed to became Unesco WHSites): Ask for my wanted list or look at my albums collection to see what I am missing.
⑤.-UNESCO WHSites: Although I already have all the Unesco WHSites in the world, I am looking for at least 6 different views of the same WHSite. Looking for MAPS of Unesco sites as well.
⑥.-Maps of Regions: from Algeria, Australia, Czech Rep, French Polynesia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and UK.
⑦.-Regions of Countries: from some regions of Croatia, Ecuador, French Polynesia, India, Iran, Russia, UK & Ukraine still missing...
⑧.-World: Looking for every City, Town, Village & Place in the World.
⑨.-Flags: Flags of countries and regions of the world.
⑩.-National Symbols: National Symbols of countries: national animals, national flowers, national birds, national costumes...
⑪.-Mountains: Looking also for Caves, Natural Rock Formations, Rock-Art, Deserts...
⑫.-Universities: From all over the world.

Look at my collection ( to see what I am missing (places not displayed in my collection will be wellcome).

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